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Prevention is the Key

"The best cure of cancer is to never let it grow undetected."

October 9, 2017

I have been an oncology nurse for 20 years.  I am also a cancer survivor.  I would like to encourage you to have regular check-ups and mammograms.  A few years ago my primary care doctor discovered a small tumor during a routine pelvic exam.  I was sure it was not malignant, especially since I am not a smoker and have no family history of cancer.  However, the bladder tumor was found to be malignant.  I had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor.  I will have yearly follow ups with my urologist the rest of my life to ensure no more bladder tumors develop.

In 2016, I had my yearly mammogram.  The mammogram revealed a suspicious finding which led to more tests.  The tests revealed DCIS which is a noninvasive tumor.  If this tumor was not treated, it would eventually become cancerous.  Once again, I was completed shocked!  Dr. Washburn performed the bilateral mastectomy and Dr. Brzezienski performed the reconstruction.  Both physicians and their staffs have provided exceptional care of me.

I am a living example of the importance of cancer screening.  I have been cured of two cancers from the result of early detection of cancer.  The best cure of cancer is to never let it grow undetected.  Prevention is the key. 

Thanks to the support and love of my family, friends, coworkers, and healthcare team, my recovery was smooth and without complications.