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Never Too Early

"With two diagnosis of Breast Cancer, it's very clear how precious, fragile, and temporary life really is. Cancer teaches us that it is the little things that money can't buy; your health and time Stop and smell the roses!"

October 28, 2018

"My story started nineteen years ago when I had my breast augmentation. I was told the importance of monthly self-exams but never did them because I had very large implants and a small amount of breast tissue. It was very difficult for me to tell the difference between the two; so, I relied only on the clinical exam at my annual checkup

At age 37 I decided to have a baseline mammogram, since I had been so neglectful on my self exams. At age 40 I had my first mammogram, and annually the following years. About six months after my mammogram, I was standing in my closet wondering what I was going to wear, and placed my index finer on my right breast at the 10 o'clock position; there it was. I knew immediately I had cancer. I tell people God had to have placed my finger there because I was not thinking about anyting other than what outfit to wear. 

My Mother, who was previously diagnosed and treated for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is not hereditary like hormone involved Breast Cancer, said "let's watch it", but I was convinced that after the weekend I was going to be at the doctor's office first thing Monday morning. 

Initially I was told by my surgeon that I needed a lumpectomy and radiation. At the Mary Ellen Locher Breast Center, physicians meet weekly to discuss current cases. Right away Dr. Brzezienski saw that a lumpectomy was not the best option for me. I need to have a bilateral masectomy instead. At my age and in the best shape of my life, very proud of my figure, I was devastated. 

After meeting Dr. Brzezienski I knew right away that I could trust him, and that he would give me the results I wanted. He is a highly skilled physician, and is truly not only an asset, but a pioneer in his profession. Dr. Brzezienski assured me that he knew how to merge cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery, and that I wouldn't be able to tell that I had a Masectomy. I was extremely upset, but he explained and answered all my questions while being caring and compassionate with me. His kind, light-hearted demeanor was very comforting, and his staff were extremely professional and understanding as well. 

I would never consider anyone else than Dr. Brzezienski. He is so dedicated and truly a perfectionist,  all his patienets matter to him.  I am beyound 100% satisfied with my experience and my expectations were definitely exceeded."