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BOTOX® is a quick and minimally-invasive treatment that helps to soften the appearance of wrinkles produced by our facial muscles. BOTOX® treats small to moderate wrinkles throughout the forehead and Botoxat the crow's feet area of the eyes. 

This short treatment is virtually painless and is performed with no anesthesia in our plastic surgery office. BOTOX® is injected with a number of very small volume injections and can be administered to appropriate candidates on the same day as their complimentary consultation.

After your BOTOX® treatment, makeup can be reapplied immediately and you can resume normal activities for the rest of the day. 

The effects of BOTOX® injections will last from 3-6 months and patients are encouraged to come back to our office for repeat treatments.  Side effects are minimal and can range from slight bruising to headache, although most patients are problem free after their BOTOX® treatment. 

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