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Breast Reconstruction

The Plastic Surgery Group is the area’s leader in breast reconstruction procedures and known nationally for innovations in breast reconstruction. Many of our surgeons have devoted a subspecialty of their practice to breast reconstruction, assuring patients that they stay on the cutting edge of the field. Through a series of surgeries, breast reconstruction will help restore the size, shape, and appearance of your breast due to cancer, trauma, or deformity.

Various methods can be used in breast reconstruction surgery including breast implants with tissue expansion and tissue flap procedures. During your consultation, your surgeon will review the different breast reconstruction techniques available and together determine the appropriate treatment plan for you.

 The reconstruction method best suited to you depends on many factors, including:

  • Your health
  • Amount of available tissue
  • Past and future radiation therapy
  • Treatment plan
  • Current breast size
  • Body type

For more information about the different breast reconstruction options available, we recommend reading the article written by one of our surgeons, Breast Reconstruction Options.

Breast reconstruction is an elective procedure; however, many insurance companies will cover the cost of the surgery. Each case is unique and our office staff are available to guide you throughout your reconstruction process.