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Resident Dr. Kristopher Day, MD, in ASPS Resident Forum Magazine

September 26, 2016

Congratulations to Second Year Resident Dr. Kristopher Day, MD, who wrote an essay titled "Osler's Ideals as a Model for Professionalism in Plastic Surgery" that was highlighted in the ASPS Resident Forum Magazine. Dr. Day participated in submitting an essay to the ASPS Professionalism Task Force which was aiming to bring attention to a survey conducted by the Women Plastic Surgeons (WPS) Steering Committee from 2014.  The survey asked over 800 plastic surgeons, both in practice and in training, to respond on the topic of bias, harassment and professionalism in the workplace field of plastic surgery.  Twenty-four essays were submitted in response to the survey.  We are happy to announce that Dr. Day's was one of three runner-up essays to be highlighted.  Dr. Day's essay is found by following the link below to the online version of the magazine.  The essay begins on pages 6 and 7 then continues on page 34. 


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