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My Experience with the Perfect Peel

The Plastic Surgery Group is excited to now offer the Perfect Peel! The Perfect Peel renews your skin in just 7 days by addressing fine lines, stubborn pigmentation, large pore size, acne and uneven skin texture, giving skin a fresh new start. Cosmetic Consultant Mary shares her Perfect Peel experience and results below. Call us to schedule your Perfect Peel!

November 25, 2019

Day 1: The initial peel application was painless and simple. It took Aesthetic Nurse Allie little to no time to prep my skin and apply the peel. I was instructed to leave the peel solution on my face for 6+ hours or I could go to sleep with it on as well.  I wanted the best results, so I opted for sleeping with the peel on my face through the night.

Day 2 AM: The next morning my skin was pink and slightly tight. I applied the first post-peel wipe to enhance my results. The wipe has retinoic acid and kojic acid to enhance the brightening of end results. After the post-peel wipe, I applied SPF 50 and went about my day.

Day 2 PM: My face grew more “bronzed” throughout the day. The change of color is normal and was expected. I then washed my face with a gentle cleanser and applied the second post-peel wipe. I felt a slight tingling sensation that didn’t last too long. I left the solution I applied on my face overnight.

Day 3: My skin was a bright pink/red color and was extremely tight. This was exciting because I knew that I would probably start peeling….and I was right. My nose and around my mouth were the first areas to begin to peel. I avoided applying moisturizer like I was instructed to do until I went to bed that evening.

Days 4 – 6: The bulk of all of my peeling took place in the course of two days. I was instructed not to peel, touch, or pull at the skin that was coming off my face. I will admit this wasn’t an easy task at times, but I did it! After using up all of my post peel moisturizer I began to put Hydrocortisone on my face to alleviate any irritation or discomfort. This helped tremendously.

Day 7: I am so impressed with my results from the Perfect Peel. My pore size shrunk a significant amount, my skin texture is clear, and my stubborn acne spot disappeared! My skin feels fresh, and looks great. I am excited to get back to my normal skincare routine to keep up my great results.

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