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Dermalinfusion: Patient Experience

Read what our patient had to say about her first Dermalinfusion treatment!

September 16, 2019

When I arrived, Allie first asked me what my skin type was, and if I had any skin concerns. I told her that I had combination/oily skin, and that my biggest concerns were the pores around my nose area. She then gave me the recommendation of either the Vitamin C serum or the Brightening serum, and I ended up going with the Brightening serum. She then removed my makeup, and started the treatment. She first did the area under my jawline (which is amazing because I never get to that area as much as I should every night), and continued with the rest of my face. She spent extra time on my nose and the mid-section of my cheeks where I have larger pores. It didn’t hurt at all, and it honestly went by quickly! When she was done with the treatment, she showed me the “waste jar”.  I couldn’t believe all the “junk” that was living in my pores! I have to say, I am a skin care fanatic and use my Clarisonic EVERY NIGHT, and I still had so much dirt/oil/debris in my jar. After staring at my jar in disbelief for a few minutes, I was able to put my makeup back on, and get back to work immediately!

Overall, I would say this treatment is a must have! I feel like it gives your face a “blank slate”, but also gives it that extra boost that skin care products alone can’t give you. My face has more of a natural glow (without putting on a bunch of highlighter), and my pores are way less noticeable!

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