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12th Annual Denim and Diamonds Fundraiser

March 6, 2017

Each year the Medical Society of Chattanooga and Hamilton County holds a fundraiser, known as Denim and Diamonds, to raise funds for Project Access. Project Access is a community based program that helps Hamilton County residents find and recieve specialized health care.  Since being established in 2004, Project Access has helped provide $151 million in charity health care. 

Every year for Denim and Diamonds, they Medical Society tries to one-up their theme from last year. This year's theme: TV Land. The Plastic Surgery Group went as characters from Gilligan's Island! Dr. and Mrs. Brzezienski went as Thurston and Lovey Howell, Dr. and Mrs. Rehm went as Gilligan and Mary Ann, and Dr. Jemison went as the professor.  The event featured dinner, dancing, and live and silent auctions. Below are some pictures from the event for you to enjoy!







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