Plastic Surgery Patient Reviews

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Dr. Waldrop and Staff,

I had surgery in January 2014. I was so pleased wtih how efficient and kind the office staff were. Dr. Waldrop is an excellent surgeon. Thanks, MG


I have had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Kennedy's office. The staff has always been so sweet and helpful. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Kennedy and his nurse Lydia! They always make me feel completely comfortable and answer all my questions. I have already referred several friends to Dr. Kennedy and The Plastic Surgery Group. Thank you to Dr. Kennedy and your staff for your great work and always making me smile and laugh during my visits! Mary

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was in shock. There was no history of cancer in my family. I had no idea what to expect. Before my mastectomy I saw Dr. Brzezienski for a consultation; I dreaded that visit. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and caring nature of him and his staff. He confidently told me that I would emerge from this battle better than I had started...and I believed him. Instead of dreading my visits to Dr. Brzezienski's office, I actually looked forward to them because the staff treated me as a friend. With each visit, I knew that I was closer to being "normal" again. The focus of the entire team is to make the journey one from which the patient can emerge with minimal physical reminders of the ordeal. I am blessed that I was referred to Dr. Brzezienski from Day 1. I will always be grateful to him and his wonderful staff. BS

I can't begin to say how impressed I am with Dr. Brzezienski and all of the staff at The Plastic Surgery Group. After having a bilateral mastectomy, and reconstructive surgery, I had many setbacks because of the chemotherapy I was taking. Had I been a patient anywhere else, I probably would not have breasts at all. Dr. Brzezienski had to do much more than the standard reconstructive surgery, month after month repairing the results of recurring damage from the chemo. The perfection that Dr. Brzezienski strictly adheres to is amazing. It is unfortunate that anyone should have to go anywhere else. I look better now than I ever did before I had the mastectomy. I would recommend him and The Plastic Surgery Group to anyone. LM


Everything was professional and courteous. The process was smooth and efficient.


My neck has always bothered me. For the most part, I felt I had aged well for my 63 years, but my neck made me self-conscious. Dr. Sargent did a facelift for my sister-in-law. I was amazed with her results and made an appointment right away. The procedure is usually done in office, but because of previous heart surgery, Dr. Sargent wanted me to be done at the hospital as a precaution. Dr. Sargent is an artist. I look 15 years younger. I felt well enough to be seen in public within ten days. I had minimal discomfort and pain. I wished I had found him years ago. The staff is warm, caring and understanding. I have absolutely no regrets. My results go beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Dr. Sargent and your wonderful staff, for giving me this new outlook on life.  AC

I was thoroughly impressed both with Dr. Waldrop's compassion and competence. Todd Humbert

This is for Dr. Brzezienski. I just wanted to let you know I am so pleased with the results from yesterday. I now have some lips and don't look so droopy around the mouth. You do great work. Thank you!!!! 

He is great and I would and do recommend him every chance I get. He has performed surgery on my eyes, my hand and I've had botox several times. This was the first time around the mouth area and the results are amazing.   Linda

As a case manager I am in contact with physician offices all over the U.S. I have found The Plastic Surgery Group and Hayes Hand Center to be the most professional, efficient office to deal with. No matter what department I have been in contact with, I find the personnel to be consistently pleasant, positive and eager to assist. They provide information in a timely manner, which ultimately impacts the patient. I believe this is a reflection of good leadership that starts at the top and infuses into the rest of the company.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I truly had no idea what a difference this procedure would make! Dr. Brzezienski and Eric Newby have helped me feel whole again. If anyone would have told me after my bilateral mastectomy, that in only a few months I would look and feel normal, I would not have believed it. I can't believe how natural my breasts look. Dr. Brzezienski is the very best! His work should be called restoration instead of reconstruction. He has restored my self image. His staff is so kind and caring. Eric is professional, kind and does excellent work. If you are considering getting a tattoo to complete your breast reconstruction, please know this process has made a world of difference! I not only feel whole, restored and normal, I feel BEAUTIFUL! Thank you again, Dr. Brzezienski and Eric for such exceptional work. Sincerely, WM

I am so pleased! My reconstruction process was lengthy due to complications, but my doctor was very patient and successfully created new breasts and nipples for me. I think this is a miracle! In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about the tattoos, after having been disappointed with a previous experience. This feeling quickly disappeared. I had everything explained to me completely and was treated in a very professional and caring manner. I felt good about going to my doctor's office to have this done and also about having my doctor check on me druing the procedure. Now, it's amazing to look in the mirror and see the areolas and nipples look so real. I can see myself as complete again. I am so grateful to my doctor and my tattoo artist for this feeling! WP

I have been a patient at Plastic Surgery Group since about 1988. I was a patient of Dr. Craft and then Dr. Sargent. I moved away in 1990 and returned in 1988. I have been a patient for many years due to hand and wrist problems. Dr. Jemison has been a God send by enabling me to continue tennis. On one visit he noticed a problem and immediately admitted me to the hospital. I had a severe infection on my arm. Just recently I had cancer on a tendon on my finger. Dr. Waldrop and Dr. Jemison did a wonderful job of grafting skin from my neck and repairing my finger. What a beautiful job. I wished they could graft skin to my neck to look like my finger. I highly recommend Dr. Waldrop, Dr. Jemison and Dr. Sargent for any procedure. Marylou Wadley

I came to Dr. Brzezienski at a very crucial time in my life. I lost both my breasts to cancer. The end result is absolutely amzaing. I could of never dreamed they would look this good! I feel like my life has been restored...(Thanks to Dr. B and his staff.) I was so pleased with the results that I scheduled a tummy tuck, after loosing 100 pounds. Again amazing!, I feel and look 20 years younger. Now I'm trying to decide what I want next and how to convince my husband...(lol)  

I had considered getting breast implants for many years and recently a friend told me about Dr. Rehm and what a great surgeon he was. I scheduled my consultation and even though I was a little nervous, Dr. Rehm made me feel at ease. He answered all my questions and was very professional. I was very clear about the outcome that I was looking for. After discussing the cup size once more on the day of surgery, it was decided that I needed to increase my size by 50 cc based on some loose skin over my breast, my body shape, and most importantly a result i would be happy with. Thanks to Dr. Rehm for his expertise because my breast size is perfect. I could not be any happier with my results. Dr. Rehm has a great bed side manner and a friendly staff as well. I would recommend him to anyone I came across looking for a great plastic surgeon. Sincerely, AO

Dr. Jemison, Before I saw you I always had pain in my wrist. I think you did a remarkable job wtih the surgery. Thank you so much for a job well done. Jean Leshock

Dr. Rehm is a wonderful doctor. Back in July I got my hand caught in a roll-up machine at work. I was immediately air lifted to Erlanger. I did not know how bad my hand was until my family told me. None of us thought my hand would ever look "normal" again. Dr. Rehm did such a remarkable job repairing my hand. Other than a few scars, my hand looks like any other hand. - Wanda Freeman


I am a retired Captain from the Chattanooga Fire Department and an Emergency Medical Tech since 1974. During my time in the fire service I have been around numerous doctors and medical professionals. Dr. Jemison and your complete staff at The Plastic Surgery Group are by far the most polite and professional group I have ever encountered. I was made to feel like I was the only patient in the whole office and believe me that makes a patient feel very special. Doug Randolph


By 64 I was sure I'd met every level of doctor from one to ten. Dr. Jemison and his staff DO NOT fit in this scale! I am amazed to come in as a new patient, quickly schedule surgery and get it behind me with unbelievable ease and speed.Dr. Jemison listens and remembers better than any doctor I have ever seen -- and his stitches are a work of art. He treated me like a special person. His caring is unbelievable.His staff provided direct numbers for me and responded quickly to each request. They called to check on me multiple times, dealt with insurance personnel and my employer with unheard of speed.Thanks for introducing me to this new level of excellence. You get a 15 on that 1-10 scale!  Nancy Reynolds

I knew one day after having children I would have a tummy tuck. I wish I would have done my homework before first choosing another doctor to do the initial procedure. After my bad experience I came to Dr. Brzezienski in tears. Who you trust cutting on your body should be first priority along with experience. With Dr. Brzezienski I felt I had both. His name came highly recommended and the things I was hearing sounded great. It is hard going in to another doctor when you have previously used someone else but I had little choice. He and his staff were great from the beginning. His personality and manners were impeccable and he made a plan from day one wait. Wait until my body was ready for repair. I had another opinion form another doctor that differed but I felt strongly that Dr. Brzezienski was right. I wasn't jumping again without begin patient. I had my surgery and I couldn't be happier. I had the stomach that I have always dreamed of and the results I was looking for. I have my confidence back and a smile that lets others know that I am one satisfied patient. Thank you staff, thank you nurses, and thank you Dr. Brzezienski!


I wanted to share my wonderful experience I had with Dr.B, Nina, Brandi, and all the staff at his office. I visited the office after several ladies I knew had recommended him. From my first visit there was a feeling of comfort, confidentiality, & dignity he and his staff all represented well. During my consultation I felt a huge sense of peace that I was in the right place. I had my expectations of what my experience would be like and they were tremendously exceeded. I am very proud to tell others of my surgery, my surgeon, and my overwhelming recommendation of this office. All the wonderful people I came in contact with from the receptionists, to the Nurses, to the OR staff were so great. I work in Health Care and I know how important a first impression is as well as a good bedside manner and I rate them "Over the Top." With every question or concern I had Dr. Brzezienski explained everything very clearly and thoroughly. I wanted to brag on his Nurse Brandi for an exceptional job. Every visit I had she welcomed me and made me feel so comfortable being there. She and Dr. B make a wonderful team! I am so very thankful to them all.    D. Norton


Jason....Thanks so much for taking the time and the patience to check my injured thumb this week. I was worried I had broken it and was thrilled when you found it was only a sprain. The swellings gone down tremendously and now it hardly hurts.

Please let me know if ever I can repay the countless kindnesses you and your colleagues have shown me over the years. Every time I visit I realize how blessed this community is by your brilliance and presence. Best wishes, Roy Exum

The nurses and office here are just GREAT. Make you feel like you can ask them anything and always call you back when you need them. They are soooooooo good. Now Dr. B you are the BEST ever. I feel so good about what you did for me. I had breast cancer. He is really the best. Please go to them if you need anything you will not be sorry. They really care about their patients. I had trouble with insurance, the staff worked so hard to handle this for me. So thankful. The nurses are wonderful. THANK YOU DR. B. You are the best. Cindy Putnam

My first visit at The Plastic Surgery Group was wonderful and everyone was so kind. That was important to me. Each visit is always very pleasant. Dr. Kennedy and the staff make me relax, make time for me and are sensitive to my concerns. There is never a hesitation when you call them. Linda Reno


I came by to tell you (administrator) how nicely I have been treated by everyone in Dr. Kennedy's office. Since you're in charge I thought you would like to hear about your staff. Jennifer Durham is so capable and pleasant and Jennifer Scott is always happy and helpful when making my appointments. Dr. Kennedy and his nurses have been competent and delightful and have made every visit to his office a pleasure. N.R. Nichols III


Everything was wonderful. I was very comfortable with the doctors and nurses.


Dear Dr. "B" and Team,

I cannot thank you enough for your patience, wonderful care and exceptional work. You've changed my life in such a positive way. Your team is a direct reflection of your leadership. They are genuinely kind and caring and extremely professional. You guys ROCK! I look forward to sending you many referrals! Thank you for everything!

April Eberly

As a health care provider, I had many options for a plastic surgeon. I wanted to ensure I received the best services. The Plastic Surgery Group of Chattanooga is at the top of the class. From the first e-mail interaction, to the nurses, and the plastic surgeon, I was treated with courtesy and respect. I appreciated the openness of every staff member and friendly, inviting atmosphere. The surgeon was thorough and really listened to my needs. If I had to choose for myself again or refer one of my own patients to a plastic surgeon, I would choose The Plastic Surgery Group of Chattanooga. -Paula