Accredited Surgery Center

Serving Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Chattanooga cosmetic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is pleased to offer you the convenience, comfort and safety of our on-site, accredited surgical suite, located in our main office at 979 East Third Street, Suite C-920, in Chattanooga. This plastic surgery facility was established for the benefit of our patients and demonstrates the following advantages over surgery in other facilities:

  • Greater privacy and convenience;
  • More personalized attention;
  • Lower cost;
  • Accreditation from American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities and the State of Tennessee Board of Health

Our Plastic Surgery Facility and Staff

Our operating rooms are staffed by specially trained and certified registered nurses, certified surgical technicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists. From your arrival to your departure, our staff's priority is to make your experience as relaxed and comfortable as possible and to be sure all your questions are answered.

The Plastic Surgery Group, P.C.


Accreditation: Your Assurance of Quality

Our facility is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) and the State of Tennessee Board of Health, Office-Based Surgery Certification. AAAASF has set stringent national standards for equipment, safety and qualifications for surgeons and staff. As an accredited facility, we meet these standards and are regularly inspected by AAAASF to ensure ongoing compliance. AAAASF accreditation is your assurance that the surgery center is equipped with advanced surgical instruments and patient monitoring systems and permits only qualified professionals to perform surgery and administer anesthesia. Surgeons must also meet standards by undergoing peer review and continuing medical education. Other staff members involved in direct patient care must also meet stringent criteria.

The Plastic Surgery Group, P.C., operating room1 The Plastic Surgery Group, P.C., operating room2


Tour Our Plastic Surgery Facility

Our spacious plastic surgery facility includes two pre-op suites, two operating rooms and two recovery rooms. The space is designed for ultimate privacy and safety during your outpatient visit with us. Your family member is welcome to stay with you during your preoperative period before going into the operating room and will be invited back to the recovery room as soon as you are comfortable following your surgery.

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The Plastic Surgery Group, P.C., in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers the latest plastic surgery procedures. For more information, visit our plastic surgery procedures page or call our plastic surgery staff at (423) 756-7134 or (800) 634-3334. You can also e-mail us your questions and we will be in touch with you shortly.