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Open Rhinoplasty

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Of all the aesthetic changes that can be made to the face, no surgery is as transforming as the rhinoplasty. A cosmetic rhinoplasty is performed to enhance the appearance of the nose. An attractive nose is in harmonious balance with the other facial features.

What features does a cosmetic rhinoplasty correct?

A candidate for rhinoplasty might have any one of a number of features including:

  • A hump or depression on the nasal bridge
  • A wide nasal tip or one that is upturned, drooping or hooked
  • Flared nostrils
  • A narrow tip or bridge
  • Deviation of the nose
  • A disproportionate size nose in relation to other facial features

Nasal features may be hereditary or the result of an injury. In addition, other facial features may be contributing to facial imbalance such as a small, receded chin that appears weak. In combination with a rhinoplasty, a weak chin can be augmented with an implant yielding an overall balanced result to the face. The same is true for the jaw and cheek areas which may be augmented also.

Am I a candidate for cosmetic rhinoplasty?

A consultation is the time designated to both educate the patient in a comfortable environment as well as evaluate the patient’s overall health and personal reasons for considering a cosmetic rhinoplasty. Patients are good candidates when they meet the following criteria:

  • They are at least 15 years of age and have completed their facial growth
  • They have a positive outlook and a personal desire to improve the appearance of their nose
  • They do not smoke
  • They are healthy with no medical condition that would impede the healing process

Rhinoplasty surgery is basically performed one of two ways:

  • Incisions are made inside the nostrils (closed)
  • Or, a small incision is made in the skin between the nostrils (open) and combined with intranasal incisions

The procedure is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia but simpler procedures may require only sedation with local anesthesia. Bruising is not uncommon, especially if the bones have been broken and repositioned. A nasal splint is usually worn for one week. The nose will be swollen for several weeks but a dramatic change in nasal contour is readily apparent.

Some procedures you might consider combining a rhinoplasty with:

  • Septoplasty – to correct an obstructed airway. This procedure may be covered by insurance.
  • Chin implant – to correct a small or receded chin.

Additional Information

If you would like to learn more about rhinoplasty, please read our Questions About Rhinoplasty page.

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Smoking greatly increases the risk of complications after surgery. To ensure optimal results, the Plastic Surgery Group advises that smokers quite smoking one month before surgery and not resume after. For more information please read the article Smoking and Plastic Surgery.