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An increasing number of men are seeking plastic surgery procedures. Like women, men like to look as good as they feel and maintain a youthful, refreshed appearance. Plastic surgery offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical approaches to achieving the look you desire.

The Chattanooga, Tennessee plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group are experienced in providing men with procedures tailored to individual needs and desired outcomes. To find out if plastic surgery is right for you, please contact the Plastic Surgery Group today.

Popular Procedures for Men

Over the last decade, men have become increasingly interested in plastic surgery procedures. Men are interested in many different types of procedures, but some of the most popular include:

During a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon, you will discuss the body and facial areas you would like to improve and the procedures best suited to you.

Deciding if Plastic Surgery is Right for You

For the most part, male candidates for plastic surgery have candidacy factors similar to women. Prior to a procedure, your surgeon will ensure that you are a good candidate. Although the candidacy for each procedure is slightly different, general requirements include:

  • Good overall health
  • Good psychological health
  • Lead a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Realistic expectations
  • Accept the risks and limitations
  • Time to dedicate to recovery

Plastic surgery procedures differ greatly by recovery time. Non-invasive procedures like BOTOX and facial fillers reinvigorate a youthful appearance while requiring little to no downtime. Many of these injectables necessitate just a few hours for any redness or swelling to go away. The total results of these procedures are typically visible within the week following.

For surgical procedures, you will have to arrange to be absent from work while you recover and heal. The amount of downtime for each procedure is different. Some surgeries, such as SmartLipo liposuction, require only local anesthesia. These procedures often enable patients to return to work within a few days. More invasive procedures like a facelift require a couple weeks of downtime.

Additional Information

For experienced plastic surgery for men in Chattanooga, Tennessee, please contact the Plastic Surgery Group today to schedule a consultation.