Brow Lift Questions

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We all age differently, but drooping eyebrows are of one the most common, most visible signs of the effects of time. A brow lift - sometimes called a forehead lift - can help minimize the furrows, frown lines and drooping forehead, creating a more animated, youthful and alert look. Relatively simple and one of the most popular cosmetic surgery choices, a brow lift can be performed alone or in combination with other facial procedures.

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1. What is a brow lift and what problem does it correct?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure designed to reposition eyebrows which have descended below an anatomically normal position. When the brow drops, it tends to make the upper eyelids appear heavy and redundant. This can lead to a tired appearance or one in which you seem older than you really are. To best understand what a brow lift can do, stand in a mirror and elevate your brows gently with your fingertips. If this maneuver improves the appearance of your forehead and upper lids, then you may be a candidate for a brow lift.

2. Does a brow lift take the place of eyelids surgery?

It does take some familiarity with the results after brow lift to make this decision. In some instances a brow lift could supplant an upper eyelid lift. In others, brow lift may not be the most appropriate solution to the problem. There is also indication for upper lid lift and brow lift at the same time. These are points to be discussed with your plastic surgeon to ensure your satisfaction after surgery.

3. Will insurance provide any benefits for a brow lift procedure?

Insurance coverage varies widely, of course. If you can demonstrate an obstruction in your visual field due to a sagging brow, you may petition your insurance company for correction of this problem with a brow lift. The test for visual obstruction is objective and typically performed by an ophthalmologist.

4. Where are the incisions for brow lift surgery and will I have sutures?

The choice of incision depends upon the patient and the problem. Classic brow lift incisions are at the hair line and a few centimeters behind the hairline. The hairline incision provides the greatest lift and decreases forehead height. The scalp incision also creates ample lift with the incision obscured within the hair. Obviously these techniques have less value for people with significant hair loss. These incisions are typically closed with fine sutures or clips designed for this purpose. A third technique is the endoscopic brow lift. This technique provides a more moderate lift with the use of several small incisions at the scalp line.

5. Do you have to shave my hair?

Typically, no hair is shaved with any brow lift technique.

6. Is a brow lift painful?

The discomfort after brow lift is not great and is easily managed with some light pain medication. After surgery, one is typically wrapped in a turban-like dressing. Brow lift is usually preformed with sedation and local anesthesia. This method controls pain for hours after surgery. Frequently a small drainage tube is maintained for several days. Swelling along the brow is minimized with elevation and ice packs. One can expect some bruising, which will dissipate in about a week to ten days.

7. How long does a brow lift take?

The surgical procedure alone takes between an hour and two hours depending on the technique used.

8. What are the limitations following surgery, and when can I resume normal activities?

The limitations immediately after surgery are designed to allow normal early healing and prevent bleeding. Your surgeon will ask you to minimize your activity, rest and maintain head elevation. Later limitations will improve bruising and swelling. We at PSG will ask that you avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for about a month. Of course, your swelling and post operative result will continue to improve for three to four months.

9. How long will my result last and will it ever need to be repeated?

The results from brow lift are long lasting. This may be because of the relatively immobile scalp from which the brow is suspended. Small anchors may also be used to maintain the suspension of the brows. Regardless, it is the rare patient who redevelops a change in brow position significant enough to merit a repeat procedure, even years after the initial surgery.

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